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Medical Materials OEM/ODM

was established in 2018

As one of the professional China Medical Materials Company and a Medical Materials Manufacturing Factory, Zhejiang Hengyao New Material Co., Ltd offers OEM/ODM Medical Materials for sale at factory price. We provide professional Custom service to meet your needs. We have a complete range of products, which can produce both breathable films and non-woven fabrics, and provide support services for downstream customers. The products are used in many industries.

Our company majors in the research, development and production of breathable film, breathable printing film, nonwoven and laminated film. And possesses a total production capacity of 15,000 tons of breathable material. For nonwoven, we adopts international advanced technology and equipments and advanced software and management technology, establish the internationally advanced level of light-weight 10-60 g/㎡ SS/SMS, ES hot air through nonwoven fabric production lines.

To set up professional nationwide first new materials hygienic products center for development goals. We continue to strengthen and improve technology content , added value and becoming more competitive products.

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We provide professional OEM and ODM service to meet your needs
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Perfect international system certification, effectively consolidate the competitiveness of the enterprise.


Medical Materials Industry Knowledge Extension

1: The Significance of Medical Materials Manufacturing Factories in the Healthcare Industry
Medical materials manufacturing factories play a pivotal role in the healthcare industry, supplying essential materials and components used in medical devices, equipment, and healthcare products. These factories are responsible for producing high-quality and safe materials that meet the stringent requirements of the medical field. From surgical instruments to implants, these factories are at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions that enhance patient care and improve healthcare outcomes.

2: Ensuring Quality and Compliance in Medical Materials Manufacturing
Maintaining quality and adhering to regulatory standards are paramount in medical materials manufacturing. Factors to consider when evaluating a medical materials manufacturing factory include:
1.Quality Management Systems: Look for factories that have robust quality management systems in place, such as compliance with ISO 13485. These systems ensure that processes are controlled, materials are traceable, and quality control measures are implemented throughout production.
2.Regulatory Compliance: Verify that the factory complies with relevant regulatory frameworks, such as FDA regulations in the United States or CE marking requirements in the European Union. This ensures that the materials produced meet safety, efficacy, and performance standards.
3.Material Testing and Validation: The factory should have well-equipped laboratories and testing facilities to validate the materials' properties, such as biocompatibility, sterility, mechanical strength, and chemical composition. Rigorous testing helps ensure the materials' suitability for use in medical applications.

3: Driving Innovation and Advancements in Medical Materials
Medical materials manufacturing factories play a crucial role in driving innovation and advancements in healthcare. Key aspects to consider include:
1.Research and Development: Look for factories that invest in research and development to explore new materials, fabrication techniques, and product designs. Collaborations with medical professionals and academic institutions can foster innovation and address emerging healthcare needs.
2.Material Customization: The ability to customize materials based on specific medical applications is vital. Look for factories that offer customization options, enabling the production of materials with tailored properties to meet the unique requirements of medical devices and implants.
3.Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility: In an era of increasing environmental consciousness, factories that prioritize sustainability in their manufacturing processes contribute to a greener healthcare industry. This includes using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste generation, and implementing energy-efficient practices.

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