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Spunbond SS Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturers

was established in 2018

Zhejiang Hengyao New Material Co., Ltd is one of the China Wholesale SS Nonwoven Manufacturers and an OEM Spunbond SS Nonwoven Fabric Company, we offer OEM Spunbond SS Nonwoven Fabric for sale at wholesale price. As one of the China PE film and nonwoven manufacturers, suppliers and factory, Hengyao offers OEM/ODM PE film and nonwoven materials for sale at wholesale price.

Our company majors in the research, development and production of breathable film, breathable printing film, nonwoven and laminated film. And possesses a total production capacity of 15,000 tons of breathable material. For nonwoven, we adopts international advanced technology and equipments and advanced software and management technology, establish the internationally advanced level of light-weight 10-60 g/㎡ SS/SMS, ES hot air through nonwoven fabric production lines.

To set up professional nationwide first new materials hygienic products center for development goals. We continue to strengthen and improve technology content , added value and becoming more competitive products.

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We provide professional OEM and ODM service to meet your needs
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Perfect international system certification, effectively consolidate the competitiveness of the enterprise.


Spunbond SS Nonwoven Fabric Industry Knowledge Extension

Advantages Of Spunbond SS Nonwoven Fabric
Spunbond SS nonwoven fabric is softer than other nonwoven products.
The material it uses is polypropylene, which accounts for a relatively low proportion of the total. The fluffy feeling is better than cotton, and it is skin-friendly. Spunbond SS nonwoven fabric is skin-friendly because it is soft and composed of many fine fibers.
All products made of fine fibers are highly breathable to keep the cloth dry and easier to clean. This is a non-irritating, non-toxic product that meets the requirements of food-grade raw materials, does not add any chemical substances to the fabric, and is harmless to the body.
Spunbond SS nonwoven fabric has unique antibacterial properties, does not produce moths, and can isolate the presence of bacteria and parasites from invading internal fluids. The antibacterial properties make this product widely used in medical care.
Nonwovens used in the medical industry are thermally bonded or chemically fixed some textile fibers and filaments. Through the special treatment of the equipment, it can achieve antistatic, antialcohol, antiplasma, water repellent and water production properties.
Features of non-woven fabric: durability, disposable. Insulation, conduction. Softness, rigidity. Fineness, expansibility. Filterable, breathable and impervious to water. Elasticity, stiffness.
Light, loose and warm. Thin as onion wings, thick as felt.
Waterproof and breathable. Ironed, sewn, molded. Flame retardant, antistatic. Water-permeable, waterproof, wear-resistant, fleece. Wrinkle resistance, good elasticity, high moisture absorption, water repellency.

Uses Of Spunbond SS Nonwoven Fabric
Due to the special functionality of spunbond SS nonwoven fabric, it is now widely used in many fields such as textile and clothing, decorative materials, medical and sanitary materials, etc.
It is suitable for the production of baby diapers, paper diapers, sanitary napkins, adult diapers, hospital sanitary products (sanitary pads, masks, protective clothing and other non-woven series), and improves the quality stability of finished products.

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