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was established in 2018

Zhejiang Hengyao New Material Co., Ltd is one of the China Wholesale PE Breathable Lamination Film Manufacturers and an OEM PE Breathable Laminated Film Company, we offer OEM PE Breathable Laminated Film for sale at wholesale price. As one of the China PE film and nonwoven manufacturers, suppliers and factory, Hengyao offers OEM/ODM PE film and nonwoven materials for sale at wholesale price.

Our company majors in the research, development and production of breathable film, breathable printing film, nonwoven and laminated film. And possesses a total production capacity of 15,000 tons of breathable material. For nonwoven, we adopts international advanced technology and equipments and advanced software and management technology, establish the internationally advanced level of light-weight 10-60 g/㎡ SS/SMS, ES hot air through nonwoven fabric production lines.

To set up professional nationwide first new materials hygienic products center for development goals. We continue to strengthen and improve technology content , added value and becoming more competitive products.

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PE Breathable Laminated Film Industry Knowledge Extension

Production Technology Principles Of PE Breathable Laminated Film
Compared with ordinary PE cast embossed film, the manufacture of PE breathable laminated film has higher technical requirements. During the production process, special attention should be paid to the following aspects:
1. Selection of raw materials
Resin selection
Stiff breathable film - high density polyethylene; soft breathable film - low density polyethylene; high tensile breathable film - high strength polyethylene; printing (color registration, positioning and cutting) - high strength polyethylene
Choice of Calcium Carbonate
Surface treatment of calcium carbonate: fluidity, extrusion stability, die coking, pinholes, film mechanical properties, etc.
Selection of calcium carbonate particle size: tensile properties, moisture permeability, uniformity, processability
The choice of raw materials directly affects the processability of PE breathable laminated film (such as coking time, extrusion stability, manufacturability of thin film materials and pinhole defects, etc.) and physical properties (such as air permeability, water pressure resistance, thermal stability, etc.) and mechanical properties, etc.). Therefore, the first thing to consider when choosing a breathable material is to meet the customer's physical requirements for the film and the matching status with the processing equipment;
2. Dehumidification system
The high humidity of the raw material is the main cause of holes in the PE laminated film and coking of the T film, which will seriously affect the production efficiency and product quality of the breathable film. Therefore, the production of PE breathable laminated film not only needs to dehumidify the raw materials (<250ppm), but also the transportation of raw materials and flash recovery systems should have strict humidity control requirements;
3. Extrusion thickness control
Stretching can amplify the deviation of extrusion thickness, so the control of extrusion thickness is the premise to ensure the uniformity of final product thickness;
4. Stretch control
There are two necessary conditions for the manufacture of PE breathable laminated film, one is calcium carbonate, and the other is stretching. Therefore, stretching is very important in the manufacturing process of PE breathable laminated film. Stretching temperature, stretching ratio, stretching rate and stretching gap are the four elements of the stretching process. Its overall balance will have a great impact on the air permeability, mechanical properties, consistency and appearance of the breathable film;
5. Heat treatment
Recovering and relaxing the rigid polymer chain segment after stretching by heat treatment is a necessary means to improve the stability of the breathable membrane material in the subsequent process and during use.

Detection Of PE Breathable Laminated Film
1. Water vapor transmission rate WVTR: Water Vapor Transmit Rate
Suggested conditions:
Weight gain method---40℃.75%~90% humidity
Weight loss method---40℃.50%~60% humidity
2. Air Permeability AP: Air Permeability ------sce/100cc
3. Shrinkage rate: %/80℃.15min
4. Water pressure resistance: mm

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