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was established in 2018

As one of the professional China Medical Bedspread Raw Materials Suppliers and a Wholesale Medical Bedspread Raw Materials Manufacturers, Zhejiang Hengyao New Material Co., Ltd offers OEM/ODM Medical Bedspread Raw Materials for sale at factory price. We provide professional Custom service to meet your needs. We have a complete range of products, which can produce both breathable films and non-woven fabrics, and provide support services for downstream customers. The products are used in many industries.

Our company majors in the research, development and production of breathable film, breathable printing film, nonwoven and laminated film. And possesses a total production capacity of 15,000 tons of breathable material. For nonwoven, we adopts international advanced technology and equipments and advanced software and management technology, establish the internationally advanced level of light-weight 10-60 g/㎡ SS/SMS, ES hot air through nonwoven fabric production lines.

To set up professional nationwide first new materials hygienic products center for development goals. We continue to strengthen and improve technology content , added value and becoming more competitive products.

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We provide professional OEM and ODM service to meet your needs
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Perfect international system certification, effectively consolidate the competitiveness of the enterprise.


Medical Bedspread Industry Knowledge Extension

1: What factors should be considered when selecting medical bedspread raw materials suppliers?
Choosing the right suppliers for medical bedspread raw materials is crucial to ensure the comfort, hygiene, and durability of bedding used in healthcare settings. Consider the following factors during the supplier evaluation process:
1.Material Quality: What types of materials do the suppliers offer for medical bedspreads? Are they hypoallergenic, breathable, and easy to clean? High-quality materials are essential to provide a comfortable and safe environment for patients.
2.Compliance with Healthcare Standards: Do the suppliers comply with relevant healthcare regulations and standards, such as ISO 10993 for biocompatibility or AATCC 147 for antimicrobial properties? Adherence to these standards ensures that the materials used in medical bedspreads meet the necessary safety and performance requirements.
3.Customization and Specialization: Can the suppliers customize the raw materials to meet specific healthcare facility needs? Do they offer a range of options, such as flame-resistant fabrics or moisture-wicking materials, to cater to different patient populations or specific medical conditions?

2: How do the raw materials supplied by medical bedspread raw materials suppliers contribute to patient comfort and well-being?
The choice of raw materials significantly impacts patient comfort and overall well-being. Consider the following aspects:
1.Softness and Texture: How do the supplied materials feel against the skin? Are they soft, gentle, and non-irritating? Medical bedspreads should provide a comfortable and cozy experience for patients, promoting restful sleep and recovery.
2.Breathability and Temperature Regulation: Do the materials allow adequate airflow and moisture management? Are they designed to regulate body temperature, preventing excessive heat or moisture buildup? Bedspreads that offer breathability contribute to a comfortable sleep environment for patients.
3.Durability and Longevity: How durable are the raw materials supplied by the suppliers? Can they withstand frequent laundering and the rigors of healthcare settings? Bedspreads should maintain their quality and functionality throughout their lifespan to ensure efficient use and cost-effectiveness.

3: What additional services do medical bedspread raw materials suppliers offer?
Apart from supplying raw materials, medical bedspread raw materials suppliers may offer value-added services to support healthcare facility needs:
1.Testing and Certification: Do the suppliers conduct testing and provide certification for their materials, such as for flame resistance or antimicrobial properties? Ensuring that the materials meet relevant industry standards provides assurance of their performance and safety.
2.Sustainability Initiatives: What sustainability practices do the suppliers implement? Do they offer eco-friendly materials or participate in recycling programs? Collaboration with suppliers committed to sustainability aligns with the healthcare industry's growing focus on environmental responsibility.
3.Technical Support and Expertise: Do the suppliers provide technical support and expertise in material selection and design? Can they assist in developing bedspread solutions that meet specific healthcare requirements, such as infection control or ease of maintenance?

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