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Hygroscopic Agent Packaging Materials Wholesale

was established in 2018

As one of the professional China Hygroscopic Agent Packaging Materials Suppliers and a Wholesale Hygroscopic Agent Packaging Materials Manufacturers, Zhejiang Hengyao New Material Co., Ltd offers OEM/ODM Hygroscopic Agent Packaging Materials for sale at factory price. We provide professional Custom service to meet your needs. We have a complete range of products, which can produce both breathable films and non-woven fabrics, and provide support services for downstream customers. The products are used in many industries.

Our company majors in the research, development and production of breathable film, breathable printing film, nonwoven and laminated film. And possesses a total production capacity of 15,000 tons of breathable material. For nonwoven, we adopts international advanced technology and equipments and advanced software and management technology, establish the internationally advanced level of light-weight 10-60 g/㎡ SS/SMS, ES hot air through nonwoven fabric production lines.

To set up professional nationwide first new materials hygienic products center for development goals. We continue to strengthen and improve technology content , added value and becoming more competitive products.

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We provide professional OEM and ODM service to meet your needs
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Perfect international system certification, effectively consolidate the competitiveness of the enterprise.


Hygroscopic Agent Industry Knowledge Extension

What are Hygroscopic Agent Packaging Materials and why are they important?
Hygroscopic agents are substances that absorb moisture from the environment and are used in packaging materials to prevent product degradation caused by humidity. These agents are critical in maintaining the quality of various products such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, and food items. Hygroscopic agent packaging materials suppliers produce packaging materials that contain desiccants such as silica gel, clay, and molecular sieves. These packaging materials create a controlled environment for the product, preventing it from damage or spoilage due to moisture.

What types of Hygroscopic Agent Packaging Materials are available from Suppliers?
Hygroscopic agent packaging materials suppliers offer a vast range of desiccant packaging materials to cater to the specific requirements of various industries. Silica gel is the most commonly used desiccant as it offers superior moisture-absorbing capabilities. Clay is another popular option as it is inexpensive and widely available. Molecular sieve desiccants are perfect for absorbing highly volatile substances and are often used in the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. Other desiccants like activated carbon, calcium oxide, and montmorillonite are also used to provide specific moisture control properties.

What are the Benefits of Working with Hygroscopic Agent Packaging Materials Suppliers?
Working with hygroscopic agent packaging materials suppliers can bring several benefits to manufacturers. The suppliers have experience in dealing with various industries and are knowledgeable about industry-specific requirements related to moisture control. The suppliers can customize packaging solutions to meet the specific requirements of individual products and industries. The packaging services provided by the suppliers ensure that the products are safely stored and transported, minimizing the possibility of product damage due to moisture.

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